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My weekend trip to Lyon was a whirlwind! Lyon is France’s second largest city, gastronomical capital, and home to many young French university students. There are a ton of similarities between Lyon and Paris, but Lyon has a lot more Italian influences, and a quainter more old school European feel. Walking through Lyon can take you through narrow streets, past rows of colorful buildings, and over the Rhône and Shône Rivers. I tried to squeeze as much as I could in my short weekend there. Once I arrived, my first stop was La Maison des Canuts, the major Lyonnaise silk manufacturer. They are responsible for creating many of the world’s finest French tapestries. They also created many of the tapestries displayed at Chateau Versailles. After visiting their silk museum, I walked to the city centre to check out the town hall, opera, and surrounding buildings. That night, my friends and I went to Ayers Rock, an Australian club on a boat on the Rhône. It was pretty wild, especially by French standards. It was more like a college frat party than Euro club, equipped with stripper poles, dubstep, and a kangaroo.

The next day, I went to the food market Les Halles for some traditional Lyonnaise cuisine. Lyonnaise desserts include a lot of pink pralines, so I picked up a delicious praline brioche. Their culinary specialty is sausages (blood sausage, sausage in brioche, pistachio sausage, etc). Not much of a carnivore, I avoided the sausage and opted for other delicacies. I was pretty disappointed with the Lyonnaise food overall, but then again I am not a fan of foie gras and escargot. Then I made my way over to the old city Vieux-Lyon, my favorite area in Lyon, to see the major cathedrals and shops. Situated atop a mountain peak, Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière with its four pillars and highly decorated inside was a stand out. I think it may be the most beautiful church I have seen in Europe thus far, which says a lot because believe me I have seen a TON of churches. Before I left back for Paris, I stopped by at the Lumiere Museum, dedicated to the videographics inventions of the Lumiere brothers. On the whole, my trip to Lyon was short, sweet, and to the point!

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